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The art of seduction

Seduction is something we´re good at – by which we naturally mean seducing your target group…
We ensure that people won´t walk right past you, that you´ll catch their eye,
and that they´ll remember you.
After all, 16 years of experience in stand construction means something…

Using an appropriate trade fair stand is one of the most effective strategies for your company or organisation to get its identity across to the public.
Our know-how and expertise guarantee an unforgettable fair participation,
for both you and the visitors.
Our passion is that of translating you into an unequalled ´fair experience´.

An unforgettable first impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression.
In just a few seconds, your potential customer will decide whether to walk on by or stop and visit your fair stand.
Most likely you won´t get another occasion to tell the visitor everything you can mean for him.
One Night Stands creates for you a stand that catches the eye and confidently attracts the fair visitor.  

Your project = unique

One Night Stands works with the highest-quality materials and a sharp eye for detail is the top priority for ONS. Every day we are expanding our frontiers in order to achieve an amazing final result. Along with a team of specialists, we also have our own logistics and enough space for storage and warehousing.

Fast, customer-focused service, technical knowledge and creativity are fundamental values for us. One Night Stands guarantees the right timing, a high level of finishing and competitive prices. Deadlines are always met and the agreements we make are correctly fulfilled.

Our designers guarantee your ´one of a kind´ identity and never lose sight of ´your own´ marketing concept. Your trade fair stand is created right in our own workshop, where every project receives its definitive form.

Each stand is a unique object, becoming both your showpiece and ours.
A fair participation is a major event, and precisely for that reason we always see every project, large or small, as an exciting challenge.

We build for you,
you build on us

You or your architect has an idea, we have the expertise.
We have all the resources in house that are necessary for telling your story. Everything is possible.
Do you want a custom-made stand in accordance with your own wishes and specifications, or would you prefer to have a modular stand structure?
One Night Stands offers you the possibility of making a choice in complete freedom. And naturally we assist you with advice and action.
A wide range of materials, colours, forms, technological feats and so much more ensure that your fair stand acquires the personal character it deserves.

If you place high demands on creative design freedom, then One Night Stands has the ideal solution for you:
wood construction.

Wood is the ideal material for creating original designs that are both functional and artistic.
The result is a stand with an extremely professional impact... guaranteed to be a public pleaser with high stopping power.

We can transcend the borders, or make sure that you remain neatly within them.
Regardless of your budget or the space available, you’ll be sure to dazzle!

And it doesn´t end there. One Night Stands not only stands for stand construction. We’d be delighted to work on your showroom or interior project as well.
Our commercial approach, customer-focused designs and the know-how to enable your product or brand to triumph are our passions.
Do you have a plan?
We have the means to achieve it!

From Brussels to Ghent or from Frankfurt to Dubai.

References such as BMW Motoren, Delta Light, Magnetrol and Vergokan demonstrate that One Night Stands knows how to do the job right.
Yet One Night Stands makes no distinction based on size: whether large or small fair stands, we build strong concepts that make the difference.
Anyone can contact us, and no idea is for us too over the top.

The customer remains central throughout the project, and we always seek the solution that best matches your company and your target group.
Good agreements make satisfied customers, so we opt for optimal customer relations that are built to last.

Your budget is never too small and our efforts never too great. After all, fairs take a big bite out of your marketing budget, they require time and resources: no room to fumble the ball on this point.
One Night Stands optimises your fair participation by creating a structure with ´standing´, but also by looking for the most economical way to implement a design.
We take pride in guaranteeing that your stand will be ´standing tall´ when the fair opens: on time, fully completed, and with the right level of finishing!

Attention is paid to every detail; perfection is always the goal.
You can bet that even your competitors won´t walk on by…

Would you too like to know

how, together, we can seduce your customer or future customer? Curious to see just how far our eye for detail goes? Do you too wish to leave an indelible first impression? Want to optimally reach your target group? or Do you have an idea that you’d like to share with us?



Contact us via the contact form and we promise you an experience that won´t leave
the fair visitors indifferent.

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