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One Night Stands

Stands that entice

We make sure people stop by your stand, that you catch their eye and that visitors will remember you even after the fair.

All realisations

The art of seduction

In just a few seconds, your potential customer will decide whether to walk on or visit your exhibition stand. You most likely won't get a second chance to tell the visitor what you can do for them. Missing the ball is not an issue here.

Correct approach

We pride ourselves on making sure your stand 'stands' there when it opens: on time, completely finished and with the right degree of finish!

Personal approach

A project grows together with you or your architect during its preparation. You will always find a point of contact with us.

Eye for detail

We work exclusively with quality materials to create a stand that your competitors will stop for themselves.

More than 20 years of experience

Our references show that we know how to get things done. Large or small trade fair stands, we build impressive concepts that make a difference.

On-site permanence

If desired, we provide technical support or permanence during the fair. We travel with you and leave nothing to chance.

In-house workshop & logistics

Besides a team of specialists, we also have our own logistics and plenty of space for production & storage.

Tailor-made or modular?

Large or small trade fair stands, we build punishing concepts that make a difference. Anyone can come to us and no idea is too crazy for us.

You the idea, we the expertise

We have all the tools to tell your story. Everything is possible. Would you prefer a custom-made stand according to your own wishes and specifications or do you prefer modular stand construction?

One Night Stands offers you the opportunity to choose freely. Naturally, we will assist you in word and deed.

Timber exhibition stands

If you require creative freedom of design, One Night Stands has the perfect solution for you: timber construction. Timber construction is ideal for original designs, both functional and artistic.

The result is a stand with a highly professional appearance… a guaranteed crowd puller with high stopping power.

From Brussels to Ghent.
From Frankfurt to Dubai.

References such as BMW Motors, Delta Light, Beaulieu and Vergokan show that One Night Stands knows how to get things done. Yet we make no distinction. Large or small, we build impressive concepts that make a difference.

One Night Stands optimises your trade fair participation by creating a stand with standing, but also by looking for the most economical way to realise a design.

Interiors that make your heart skip a beat

One Night Stands does not only stand for stand construction. We are also happy to take care of your showroom or interior.

Our commercial approach, customer-oriented designs and the know-how to make your product or brand triumph are our hobbyhorses.

Contact us

Would you like to know how we can seduce your (future) client together, how far our eye for detail reaches, how to make an indelible impression, how to optimally reach your target group or do you have an idea you want to share with us?


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